Unveiling the Stackato CPBM Connector
by John Wetherill

John Wetherill, September 24, 2013
Stackato and Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager (CPBM)

Increasingly often, at various conferences and events, I hear words and phrases like "Convergence," "Revolution," "Renaissance," "New Era," and "Sea Change." These are often heard in discussions or presentations about recent rapid innovations that are profoundly improving the craft of building software.

The cloud and the technologies that it delivers are at the forefront of this revolution, and evidence of this can been seen in innovative products like Citrix's recently-released CloudPortal Business Manager, or CPBM, which brings a whole new meaning to the term "convergence."

As its name suggests, CPBM is a portal to manage the cloud services used by a business. These days more and more businesses are moving to the cloud, in recognition of the enormous savings it promises. Of course, whether the cloud delivers on this promise is another question.

CPBM and Stackato Deliver

An effective way to streamline management of a such business is to make use of the myriad "as-a-Service" offerings available today.

Of note is Platform as a Service, which by definition is a SaaS built for developers by developers. Businesses that employ software developers (i.e., almost all businesses) are seeing vast improvements in productivity when using PaaS.

But in spite of the strides in these technologies, the management and integration of the various services, including PaaS and the underlying IaaS can still be a complex, time-consuming, and costly affair. For example, any PaaS worth its salt will expose a means to report usage of the PaaS. Integrating the IaaS billing system with the PaaS billing system often requires considerable effort.

CPBM Dashboard

This is where CPBM comes in. CPBM provides a gateway, or a portal, to orchestrate all three layers: the infrastructure, the platform, and an entire catalog of services (apps). CPBM applies all of the well-known features of the cloud (on-demand, self-service, scalable, measurable) to the management of each layer, and it does it with in single, consistent, uniform interface.

Stackato, the enterprise-hardy Private Platform as a Service from ActiveState, fits like a glove into the CPBM world. PaaS is effectively a SaaS for developers, and since CPBM is designed to manage "as-a-Service" in general, it's very adept at managing Stackato.

Stackato and CPBM

ActiveState, in Partnership with Citrix, is pleased to announce the release of our new CPBM Connector for Stackato. This connector allows CPBM users to provision and manage Stackato instances, in much the same way that it provisions and manages "Filesystem-as-a-Service" and "Backups-as-a-Service" offerings.

The version of CPBM just released includes in its service catalog a direct link to the Stackato connector, which, when installed, will be available to all users of the CPBM instance.

Stackato CPBM Connector

The overall flow is:

  • CPBM admin installs Stackato connector into the CPBM instance
  • CPBM admin provisions a user with access to the connector
  • User receives email from CPBM with embedded activation link
  • Finance approves the user, and issues credits to the user so they can purchase services
  • User logs in to CPBM and requests various services, including Stackato
  • CPBM provisions a Stackato "partition" for the user. For this release, this results in the creation of a Stackato user. The allocation of resources is specified by CPBM, and effected by Stackato.
  • The CPBM user clicks a link to access Stackato's web console. SSO bypasses Stackato login, allowing instant access.
  • CPBM exposes the Stackato API key, which is used to allow the user to access Stackato using the command line, using an IDE plugin, or by calling the REST API directly.

CPBM seems poised for success. What company wouldn't benefit from the savings it offers, both for devops, IT, and administrators, as well as for developers and SaaS consumers?

And the combination of CPBM with Stackato seems unstoppable.

Now all layers of the cloud, infra, PaaS, and countless other "aaS" offerings, can be managed from one place.

Try It Today

The CPBM Stackato Connector is available today. If you're running the latest CPBM release you will find the Stackato connector in the CPBM service catalog.

Simply click the Stackato connector link to begin. A clear path is provided to install the connector, after which the full power of Stackato is available to all CPBM users.

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