ActiveState Released Stackato v3.0 Beta Today (Based on Cloud Foundry v2, Docker, More)!
by Brent Smithurst

Brent Smithurst, November 7, 2013

HolophonorStackato v3.0 Beta is now available! This is easily our biggest single release since v1.0, with many of the components rewritten, replaced, or heavily augmented—including a new Cloud Foundry v2 base and Docker for application containers. As usual, the forum postrelease notes, and press release have all of the details. This time, we've even added a dedicated Stackato v3.0 landing page that lists the key features (I won't repeat them all here). Go get it now! Micro clouds and Amazon EC2 AMIs are available already; a hosted HP Cloud version will be available shortly.

It's hard to believe it's been five long months since our last Stackato release—v2.10.6. That one was somewhat unheralded given that it was primarily a bugfix release. However, it did introduce a couple of new features, the most important being the kato patch command; it gave us the luxury of being able to release new patches to Stackato when necessary without building an entire new version and was therefore a vehicle for taking care of our customers in the meantime.

A lot has happened in the past five months—we've exhibited or spoken at 22 conferences, become a member of the Cloud Foundry Community Advisory Board (CAB), joined OpenStack's Project Solum, integrated Stackato with the Citrix CloudPlatform Business Manager (CPBM), added new open source services to Stackato (ActiveMQ, Neo4j, and ElasticSearch), acquired Appsecute, and won many new enterprise customers. We also found the time to work on a major new version of Stackato—v3.0. It's been a ton of work: according to Bugzilla, where we track all units of work (bugs and features), our development team has done the equivalent work of everything that was in v2.0, v2.2, v2.4, and v2.6 (or v2.8 and v2.10 combined if you prefer that measurement).

This release is labelled as beta primarily because it hasn't yet gone through stringent security testing by our enterprise customers. Due to the huge number of changes, most of our customers will do a new security review on it. Once that is complete and we resolve the known issues, we'll release it as a final version. Soon. 

When the ActiveState team reviews my blog posts, I usually get several comments that include, "It's pretty long...". So, I'm going to cut this one short here. Links to the key information around this release are in the first paragraph. Hopefully you've finished downloading it now and are ready to launch and experience it for yourself! Check back over the next few weeks and you'll find new posts from us that expand on one key new feature at a time.

As always, I want to hear from you—please let me know (via Twitter, brents+feedback [at] activestate [dot] com (subject: Stackato%203.0%20Feedback) (email), a comment below, or our Stackato discussion forum) what you think of the beta, or what problems you have that Stackato doesn't currently solve.

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