Mark is the technical lead for Stackato and manages Stackato product development. He has been passionate about creating software since the early days of home computing, starting out writing games in assembly language. Staying hands-on has allowed Mark to spend time coding in a variety of languages and environments including C++, Java, C#/.Net, Javascript, Ruby and node.js. Mark has a strong business and enterprise focus, and has worked with Lehman Brothers, SBC Warburg, and Telecom NZ. In 2000 Mark co-founded Fifth Web, creating new technology for e-commerce with a particular focus on finance, writing the first version of Fifth Web's server technology as well as designing software and business processes for the settlement of managed fund trades in Australia. In 2010 Mark joined Jade Software to form a new team and create the JOOB Mobile product - server software to connect back-end enterprise systems through to mobile devices. In 2012 Mark founded Appsecute with Tyler Power, producing application management and social collaboration tools for PaaS. Appsecute was acquired by ActiveState in 2013. Mark has an Honors degree in computer science from the University of Canterbury.

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