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Cloud Luminaries: Tom Lounibos on the Consequences of Developing Too Fast

By David Spark, November 25, 2014

Tom Lounibos"How do you use speed as an advantage, but don't suffer the consequences of quality of delivering it," asked Tom Lounibos (@lounibos), Founder and CEO of Soasta in his presentation “High Tempo, High Consequences” during the 2014 Cloud Expo in Santa Clara, California.

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Can PaaS Really Reduce the US Fed’s IT Budget by $20.5 Billion?

By Bart Copeland, November 22, 2013
In the recent MeriTalk study (“PaaS or Play? Cloud’s Next Move”), it was reported that $20.5 Billion (or 25%) of the Fed’s annual IT budget could be saved by moving to a platform-as-a-service (PaaS).
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