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Join us in the Sandbox- Firefly Software Project Management with Komodo IDE

By Troy Topnik, January 12, 2010

Sometimes the best way to learn how to use a new software tool is to just play with it. We've set up the Sandbox project in ActiveState Firefly for people to get to know the system and try things out.

Take a Guided Tour of ActiveState Firefly

By Sheila Louis, December 15, 2009

Setting up your project on ActiveState Firefly is quick and easy, and it can save your team a lot of time and effort because you don't have to worry about managing the infrastructure and integrating all the pieces yourself.

This screencast steps through creating a project, and shows off some great Firefly features.

How to Save Time with Firefly Ticket Management

By Liliya Apostolova, November 30, 2009

Firefly has a number of convenient bridges between features which work as handy shortcuts and make Firefly more than the sum of its parts. One such bridge is between source code control and the ticket management system.

Whether you're using Subversion or Mercurial as your version control system, you can issue commands to manage tickets, i.e.close or reference them right from the commit log message.

For example:

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ActiveState Launches Firefly - A hosted project management and collaboration solution for dev teams

By Liliya Apostolova, November 18, 2009

ActiveState Firefly

Everyone at ActiveState is excited to introduce our newest offering Firefly - turn-key, hosted project management and collaboration for software development! It is packed with useful features and comes pre-configured so users don't have to spend precious time configuring and maintaining their own system.

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Workspace Beta: Project URL changes and SVN

By , October 21, 2009

Workspace Beta: Project URL changes and SVN:
Recent changes in Workspace infrastructure have had some unintended effects for users with project repositories checked out before Sept. 28th. If you're the owner of one or more projects, it's likely that your local working copies will need to be updated if you created projects prior to this date.

Workspace projects used to have URLs that looked like this:

The SVN repository URLs of these projects looked like this:

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Workspace is faster now.

By Troy Topnik, July 14, 2009

We've recently rolled out some changes behind the scenes that have
made Workspace much more responsive. We still have more
work to do, but we're seeing pages loading up to three times faster than
they did before the updates.

If you're one of those folks who tried Workspace and got frustrated
with the slowness, you may want go back and give it another try now.

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Where's Git!?

By Troy Topnik, May 20, 2009

We've been getting a lot of people asking when we're going to support
Git in Workspace. It's a fair question,
but the best answer I can give at the moment is "As soon as we possibly
can." Workspace is based on Trac, and
getting Git to integrate well with Trac and all of the plug-ins available on
Workspace is quite a challenge.

Say Hello World to Workspace

By , May 13, 2009

We're excited to unveil a project we've been working on for months: Workspace.

We call it 'instant infrastructure for managing your software development projects'. It's a web-based tool that helps you manage the software development workflow with tools for:

  • Source code hosting
  • Revision control
  • Feature and issue tracking
  • Project management reporting
  • Communications, like forums, blogs and wikis
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