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Survey Results: You Rank Komodo 6's Top 6 Features

By Sheila Louis, November 8, 2010

Thanks to everyone (135 respondents) who answered our October 2010 Quick Poll as presented in the ActiveState Newsletter. Special mention goes to Jeff Dickey, who was drawn to receive a free copy of Komodo IDE 6 and an ActiveState t-shirt.

This survey was very interesting to us, as we tried to guage what *we* thought were the top 6 features in Komodo against what *you* thought were the most important features. Turns out we had the right features, but we'd ordered them incorrectly when it came to importance to you.

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The Top 6 Features in Komodo 6

By Sheila Louis, October 20, 2010

Top 6 in Komodo 6On October 7th we announced the release of Komodo 6. Since then, we've had lots of great questions about the new features.  So, what *is* new with Komodo 6?

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