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2 Weeks Left to Save on Developer Tools

By Sheila Louis, December 17, 2010

Treat yourself to a holiday gift, and start the new year off right with the software tool or package of your choice. There's only two weeks left to save big bucks when you pick up an ActiveState developer tool! You'll save at least $50 per license until Dec. 31/10.

And remember: ActiveState helps you be more productive. A single license covers you across all supported platforms—so go ahead and install your software on your home and work machines, your laptop... anywhere that you're the only person using the software.

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Why Wait Until Black Friday? Save $50/license on Komodo, Perl and Tcl Dev Kit, Pro Studio Purchases

By Sheila Louis, November 15, 2010

Save at least $50 per license on developer tools through December 31st!

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