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  • ActiveState: Open Source Languages Company
    ActiveState Open Source Languages Company

    It's been a little over a year since the sale of our Stackato business to HPE, and during this time we've been working hard on the next phase of ActiveState. As mentioned in one of my prior blog posts, we wanted to ensure that whatever we did would unify our company--we didn't want to end up with different business units as we had in the past with our language distributions and Stackato business units.

  • CSS Code Intel with Komodo - LESS, SCSS

    In our recent Komodo survey we found that it was very important that their IDE support web technologies and CSS management tools. While we have added some great new functionality in the most recent release with gulp and Grunt integrations, for those new to Komodo you might not have been aware of some of the significant improvements to our code intel last year for CSS.

  • 23rd Annual Tcl/Tk Conference
    23rd Annual Tcl Conference

    For a long time, Tcl was referred to as Unix's best kept secret. It hides inside products from Cisco routers to EDA tools, and is the scripting tool for health information, computer security, engineering applications and more. It's the language running bakeries, oil rigs, broadcasting studios and cargo ships.

    And most programmers don't even know it exists.

    Within the Tcl Secret Society is the even more select secret society of the Tcl/Tk Conferences. There are two each year, one in Europe during the spring or summer and one in the US in the fall.

  • Tipping Point in Open Source Security
    Open Source Security Tipping Point

    In the past couple of years we have seen some of the biggest security issues in open source, including Heartbleed, Shellshock, and POODLE. More recently, in March of this year, we faced the cross-protocol security bug DROWN. The impact of these security holes has been far-reaching--millions of users and sites were affected.

  • Becoming a Regex Wizard with Komodo IDE's Rx Toolkit

    Quick! Write a regular expression that matches an unbroken sequence of alphanumeric characters and underscores, but does not start with a digit.

    Whoa, whoa, hold on. Wait a minute. If you are like me, you might be thinking "what an earth is a 'regular expression'?" I can think of a whole bunch of irregular expressions. What makes an expression "regular"?

  • My First Week at ActiveState

    I’ve had an interesting career so far. I moved out west from Ontario to “find myself” as they say. I’d never even been to Vancouver, but moving here seemed like a good idea. That was 12 years ago. Once I arrived, I started out in Quality Assurance and ended up finding myself, and my passion, as a software developer. It was a good feeling to find something that I both enjoyed and paid the bills. I moved up from QA to design and production, but with no college or university under my belt, I would often be lost in tech meetings.

  • Functional Python
    Functional Python

    Functional programming is a discipline, not a language feature. It is supported by a wide variety of languages, although those languages can make it more or less difficult to practice the discipline. Python has a number of features that support functional programming, including map/reduce functions, partial application, and decorators.

  • Komodo User Survey 2016

    Komodo IDE has been helping developers be more productive for the past 16 years. During this time there have been a lot of changes--with each new release we try to provide a better user experience and offer integrations that make our users' lives easier. We strongly believe that an IDE needs to let developers do their job without getting in their way, and we've worked hard to ensure that Komodo offers seamless integration into our users' workflows.

  • Creating Your First Android App With Cordova and Komodo IDE

    We've been seeing more of our users getting into mobile app development, so we added PhoneGap and Cordova integration in the Komodo X release. Although I'm not a mobile app developer, given the new functionality in Komodo I thought it would be fun to write my first Android App.

  • ActiveState 2016 Open Source Survey

    We had a tremendous response to our first open source survey and on behalf of ActiveState I’d like to thank the 867 people who gave their time and thoughts.

    Our infographic has some great highlights from the survey, please check it out. To accompany that, we’ll dig deeper into the data and provide a few visualizations to surface some of the more interesting bits.