Dynamic languages are used in 97% of Fortune 1000 companies to power many different types of applications and accomplish daily IT tasks. Companies choose dynamic languages for different reasons. Your team may be under pressure to deliver quality products to market faster or you may need to accelerate the overall productivity of your team. If you are a software or hardware vendor, you may want to create a seamless customer experience while mitigating any legal risks with open source distribution. ActiveState's solutions for Perl, Python, Java, Tcl and more can help you achieve these goals.

Get Quality Products to Market Faster

Discover how enterprise and software development teams such as CA are using our development tools for Perl, Python and Tcl to deliver quality products faster. Keep your developers focused on what they do best to deliver projects on time and leave the dynamic language expertise to ActiveState.

Accelerate Development Productivity

Improve your team's development productivity by relying on dynamic languages experts. Get fast answers to Perl, Python and Tcl problems, enterprise-ready language distributions, time-saving development tools and turn-key licensing solutions.

Mitigate Risks

Discover how you can mitigate legal risks that could damage your reputation and result in costly legal action. Rely on ActiveState's intellectual property indemnification and redistribution rights for ActivePerl, ActivePython and ActiveTcl. Keep your critical systems up and running smoothly with quality assured builds and priority access to our dynamic language experts.

Ensure Redistribution Rights

Learn how companies like CA, Cisco and Siemens distribute Perl, Python and Tcl to power their applications without the legal risks associated with incorrect open source licensing. Let your team to focus on keeping customers happy by delivering great products with guaranteed, turn-key redistribution rights.

Deploy to the Cloud

Stackato is the application platform for creating a private Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) using any language on any stack on any cloud. From the desktop to the datacenter, Stackato makes it easy to develop, deploy, migrate, scale, manage, and monitor applications on any cloud. With Stackato, developers can simulate a production environment on a local machine, code, test, and then launch an application to any cloud. And Enterprise IT can achieve new levels of data security, reduce time to market, save money, ensure compliance, and gain greater control over the cloud.