For Professional Python Programming

Komodo is a professional IDE for Python and other major web languages. With features such as visual debugging, unit testing and version control system integration, you will enjoy greater productivity with this killer IDE.

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Advanced Editor

Code folding, split view, multi-window editing, smart syntax checking and highlighting, snippets and macros, and more.

Graphical Debugging

Debug Python 2.4-3.3. Local and remote. Interact in shell, configure breakpoints and break multiple threads.

Unit Testing

Create and run tests for unittest framework. Extensible support for nose and doctest.

Extend & Customize

Vi, emacs key bindings out-of-the-box. Extend color schemes, syntax checkers, etc.

Code Intelligence

Auto-complete and calltips. Built-in API catalogs for binary modules like PyWin32. Support for Django and other web frameworks.

Version Control & Integrated Tools

Subversion, Mercurial, Git, Perforce, Bazaar, CVS supported. Regex Toolkit. Database Explorer supports SQLite, MySQL, Oracle.

Code Profiling

Analyze code function-by-function. Supports Python cProfile and pstats format.

Built on Python

Proudly built on Python since 2001 and winner of the Best Python IDE award.

Mac OS X, Windows and Linux


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Upgrade to Komodo IDE 8.5
Upgrade if license purchased before Feb. 7, 2013