604x150-ActiveState Dynamic Languages News
Issue 39
December 2011
Welcome to the December issue of the ActiveState Dynamic Languages Newsletter! In this issue you'll find:
  • ActiveState Commits to a Free Stackato Micro Cloud
  • On-Demand Webcasts: Learn More About Private PaaS
  • Whitepaper: Leverage the Cloud for your Python & Perl Applications
  • Komodo 7 Beta: Features and Limited Time Offer

As always, please feel free to drop us a line if you have ideas for future issues or feedback.

  The ActiveState Team

ActiveState Commits to a Free Stackato Micro Cloud

ActiveState has announced that after Beta, Stackato Micro Cloud will continue to be free of charge for developers to use as their own private Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution on a single node.

The Stackato Micro Cloud will be available for non-commercial use or internal commercial use. Technical support will not be included; however, developers can still participate in our community forums, mailing lists and access all documention.

Read the press release and blog post.

On-Demand Webcasts: All About Private PaaS

In case you missed our past webcasts on private cloud, or wish to "PaaS" them on to your colleagues, they are all recorded for your viewing convenience.

Why Private PaaS is Not an Oxymoron  

Speakers: Patrick Chanezon, VMware Senior Director, Developer Relations, and Bart Copeland, CEO, ActiveState

When you hear of PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) what typically comes to mind are names like Heroku, EngineYard, DotCloud, and CloudFoundry.com--hosted Public PaaS providers. With the increasing focus on development of SaaS applications and some clear advantages to placing IT infrastructure in the cloud, these PaaS providers have had some trouble gaining significant traction with enterprises despite obvious advantages.

There is an emerging trend where enterprises require PaaS capabilities, but are demanding it on their own terms. They want a PaaS behind their own firewall to enable a secure cloud--a private PaaS.

View the Webcast Recording.

US Patriot Act: Making the Case for Enterprise Private Cloud

Speaker: Diane Mueller, Director Enterprise Product Management, ActiveState

Is the US Patriot Act causing you to hesitate on leveraging the cloud in your enterprise? Do you want to leverage the power of cloud computing but unsure what the security and privacy implications are for sensitive corporate data?

Despite all the hype about every application moving into the cloud, some practical patterns are starting to emerge in the types of data corporations are willing to move to the cloud.  Learn how to create a secure, compliant, private platform and cloud for developing, distributing and managing enterprise applications.

Stackato Overview: A Private PaaS on a Micro Cloud, vSphere, or Amazon EC2

Speaker: Diane Mueller, and Troy Topnik, Technical Communications Specialist, ActiveState

Stackato is the cloud platform for creating your private PaaS--what does that mean for you and how does it work? Learn:

  • What Stackato is, what's in it, and how it works
  • How IT system & cloud admins can save time
  • How Developers can get applications to the cloud faster
  • How Stackato fits into your enterprise cloud strategy

View the Webcast Recording.

View all of our Archived Webcasts.

Whitepaper: Leverage the Cloud for your Python & Perl Applications

Historically, moving your applications to the cloud meant making changes to your code in order for it to work in that new space. That has often meant scrapping perfectly good code and starting from scratch--but moving applications to the cloud is getting a lot easier, and there are several good business reasons to do so. Find out how Stackato offers a simple way to deploy your apps to the cloud in 15 minutes or less.

Download the Whitepaper (PDF).

Komodo 7 Beta: Features and Limited Time Offer

Have you tried the Komodo 7 Beta yet? If not, you still have time!

We have received lots of encouraging feedback so far. Users are saying that the new features boost performance considerably.

Here are some of the features to expect in Komodo IDE 7:

  • Improved integration with Stackato
  • Collaborative editing
  • Code profiling
  • Synchronization of preferences between machines
  • Node.js support (debugging and code intelligence)
  • More languages: CoffeeScript, Mojolicious, EJS, Less, SCSS, XCSS and Twig
  • All running much faster on the Mozilla 2.0 code base!

Download the Beta.

Plus, don't forget about our Limited Time Offer: From now until Dec. 31st, save $50 when you purchase Komodo IDE 6 with Upgrades and Support and get Komodo IDE 7 automatically on release!

Buy Komodo IDE with Upgrades and Support today and save.

117x60-Quick Poll

This month's Quick Poll should take no more than one minute to complete.

One respondent will receive their choice of a Komodo IDE, Perl Dev Kit, or Tcl Dev Kit license, just for taking the time to participate! Take the quick poll now.

Thanks to everyone who participated in November's Quick Poll. Congrats to our lucky winner, Scott Stricker! We will be in touch to arrange for your license of Komodo IDE.

117x60-Coming Soon

Perl Dev Kit 9.1.1

Komodo IDE 7.0.0c1

117x60-New Releases

It was a pleasure to sponsor and attend the Cloud Computing Expo in Santa Clara, CA in November. Read our blog post on the event!

118x103-Cloud Expo

ActiveState is also proud to sponsor the following upcoming events:

Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE 10X)
Jan. 20-22, Los Angeles, CA

Cloud Connect 2012
Feb. 13-16, Santa Clara, CA

PyCon 2012
Mar. 17-15, Santa Clara, CA

Yet Another Perl Conference (YAPC::NA) 2012
Jun. 13-15, Madison, WI

Planning an event we should know about? Have an event you recommend? Send us an email.

Check out all upcoming events.

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