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Issue 40
January 2012
Happy New Year and welcome to the January issue of the ActiveState Newsletter! In this issue you'll find:
  • Stackato Offers Secure Multi-Tenancy on HP Cloud Services
  • Upcoming Webcast: Application Portability in the Cloud
  • Komodo IDE 7 Screencast: Deploying Apps with Stackato

As always, please feel free to drop us a line if you have ideas for future issues or feedback.

  The ActiveState Team

Stackato Offers Secure Multi-Tenancy on HP Cloud Services

ActiveState is pleased to offer Stackato's secure multi-tenancy capabilities for HP Cloud Services, HP's next generation of cloud infrastructure and solutions, currently in beta.

While some PaaS offerings rely on user-based Unix security, ActiveState's Stackato is the first PaaS to bring lxc-based containerization to the HP Cloud, creating a more trusted, commercial-grade level of security to private PaaS deployments.

To see Stackato working with HP Cloud Services, we've provided a short screencast.

Watch the screencast.

Read the blog post to learn more.

Upcoming Webinar: Application Portability in the Cloud

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 8
10 AM PT / 1 PM EST

Space is limited so register now!

The ability to move applications--for instance, from a private to a public cloud, or from one hosting provider to another--is a holy grail of cloud computing. But with a little planning, application portability in the cloud can be attained.

Cloud-vendor solutions typically impose inflexible limitations, forcing IT leaders to commit to specific hypervisors, infrastructure, and APIs. That reliance on vendor-specific technology can prevent organizations from realizing the full benefits of the cloud: reduced costs, greater efficiency, on-demand scaling, disaster recovery, and deployment flexibility.

In this webinar, we'll share insights and trends to help your organization avoid vendor lock-in and easily move applications from one cloud to another without major re-engineering. We will highlight:

  • Why portability matters in private & public clouds
  • Understanding & identifying your applications' cloud dependencies
  • Emerging trends & issues affecting cloud application portability
  • Creating a cloud strategy optimized for portability
  • Choosing a technology stack for portability
  • Implementing a portable cloud strategy with PaaS

Spaces are filling up quickly. Register now to reserve your spot.

Komodo IDE 7 Screencast: Deploying Apps with Stackato

In case you haven't heard, the upcoming Komodo IDE 7 will have an integrated Stackato client interface for developing, debugging and deploying apps to your private cloud.

We thought you might like to see Stackato integration in action. In this screencast, we show how you can deploy apps to the cloud from Komodo IDE, and use DB Explorer to inspect the automatically provisioned databases.

Watch the screencast.

Want to try it out for yourself? Komodo IDE 7 is currently in Beta. New features include Stackato integration, Synchronization, Collaborative editing, Code profiling, Node.js support and more!

Download Komodo 7 Beta Today.

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Komodo IDE 7.0.0c2
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