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Welcome to our May newsletter! Here's what's new at ActiveState:

Stackato 1.2 Now Available

The application platform for creating a private PaaS using any language, on any stack, on any cloud, has gotten even better!

New features include:

User/Group Administration: Customize separate groups with their own users, memory, application and data service settings.

File-System Sharing: Enable file-system dependent apps like Drupal to share storage between multiple user instances.

Customizable App Store: Pull applications from any specified source into one interface, so that users can install them on-demand.

Try Stackato 1.2 on a desktop VM, in your AWS account or on our Sandbox.

ActiveBlog: Deploy & Scale Drupal on Any Cloud

Cloud application instances are typically ephemeral – if the instance is shut down, the data on it goes away. That's not a desirable configuration if you are deploying an application such as Drupal that requires a persistent file system.

To solve this problem, Stackato offers a file system service that can be shared between application instances, and makes it insanely simple to deploy Drupal on any cloud.

Read Diane Mueller's newest blog post.

New Stackato Animated Short

Have you met Ned, Carl and Cynthia?

They are the heroes of ActiveState's new animated short, "Moving to the Cloud is Fast, Easy and Awesome".

The video chronicles the misadventures of a developer, DevOps lead and CIO as they confront the hard realities of implementing cloud computing in the enterprise – before discovering Stackato...

Watch the Animated Short.

$250 Off ActivePerl/Python/Tcl Business Edition

Thanks to popular demand, ActiveState Business Edition is on sale for $750 from now through May 31.

Business Edition includes:

  • Access to legacy versions, including ActivePython 2.5 and 2.6, and ActivePerl 5.6, 5.8 and 5.10
  • Platform support for AIX, Solaris and HP-UX
  • Commercial Support covering installation, usage and diagnosis

Buy Business Edition today or contact us for a formal quote.


Stackato 1.2


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