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Get Stackato 2.2
Stackato 2.2 Released: Deploy FREE on a Production Server Today

If you haven't heard, Stackato 2.2 is now available!

The enterprise PaaS solution now offers WebSocket API and JBoss support, a mobile-optimized web console, and support for multiple-cloud-controller architectures.

Plus, you can deploy the free Stackato micro cloud to not only your desktop, but a production server as well (within a 4GB memory limit).

Try Stackato 2.2 on a Micro Cloud, in Amazon EC2 or HP Cloud Services, or on our Sandbox today.

Watch the Webcast: PaaS for Ops
Webcast: PaaS for Ops, featuring Redmonk's James Governor

There's a lot of noise lately about "NoOps" - the idea that you can dispense with a large portion of your IT workflow by outsourcing data and application hosting.

Sometimes, we need to dispense with terms like "NoOps" and focus on what the software actually does, and how it fits in to evolving Ops roles.

In this webcast, Redmonk's James Governor and our technical writer Troy Topnik discuss how to bridge the divide between Dev and IT.

Watch the webcast now.

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Hey IT! Make Operations a Strategic Weapon

"Hey IT...Make Operations a Strategic Weapon" by Brent Smithurst for the Cloud Computing Journal

Digital Nibbles podcast, 08/22/2012 - hosted by Allyson Klein and Reuven Cohen with guest Diane Mueller

"The Unified Theory of Cloud: Bridging the Linux/Windows IT Chasm with PaaS" by Diane Mueller for DZone

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Final Week: Get Dev Tools + Bonus E-Book "Fitness for Geeks"

Get a bonus e-book, "Fitness for Geeks", with each new license of Komodo IDE or Perl/Tcl Dev Kit.

Offer ends this Friday, Aug. 31 or while quantities last!

"Fitness for Geeks" is a complete guide to staying healthy and energetic through science. Valued at $27.99, this e-book is a useful life-long investment.

Get our professional developer tools + bonus e-book while you still can.

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