Request Access to the Stackato AMI

Try Stackato on Amazon EC2! The Stackato AMI is available as a private image on EC2. Enter your Amazon Web Services account number, and we'll make the machine image available to your account.

The Stackato AMI (Amazon EC2) server image can be deployed without license fees as a single node ("micro cloud") with up to 4GB of RAM under terms and conditions of the Stackato Micro Cloud License Agreement. Regular Amazon EC2 instance usage charges still apply.


The Stackato Micro Cloud license has been expanded to allow companies to build a cluster that uses up to 20GB of RAM. Click here to sign up for a license key. The cluster can run on your own infrastructure or public cloud and can be used for internal testing or in production for free.

If you require more than a 20GB cluster or you're looking for enterprise support, register for a supported POC or contact an ActiveState Representative for more information about Stackato Enterprise.