Not sure which edition of Stackato you should be using?

Stackato Micro Cloud: perfect for developers working in a non-corporate environment, who want to deploy apps to their own Micro Cloud (desktop VM) or want to try Stackato on an Amazon EC2 Sandbox.

Stackato Cluster (20GB): the right choice for small teams and start-ups who want more than 4GB or are looking to build a small cluster to deploy their apps. With the Stackato Cluster you are licensed to use the Stackato Micro Cloud to build a cluster using up to 20GB of RAM. You can run the cluster on your own infrastructure or public cloud and use it for free in production or for internal testing.

Stackato Enterprise: ideal for organizations developing on Micro Clouds, and then deploying those apps seamlessly on a hypervisor or IaaS, keeping their data internal, private and secure. If you're evaluating Stackato for your production environment, contact our sales team to learn how Stackato Enterprise can help your business.

 Stackato Micro Cloud Stackato Cluster (20GB) Stackato Enterprise
Use in Production

Yes: Maximum 4GB memory and single node only

Yes: Maxmimum 20GB memory and multiple nodes
Available Hypervisor Images  vSphere, KVM, VirtualBox, VMware VMDK, EC2 AMI, HP Helion  vSphere, KVM, VirtualBox, VMware VMDK, EC2 AMI, HP Helion vSphere, KVM, XenServer, OpenStack, EC2 AMI, HP Helion, plus custom options available
Clustering No: Single node only
Scriptable/Visual Cluster Deployment N/A
Auto Scaling N/A N/A
Support & Services   

Access to mailing list, community forums, and full documentation set

Technical support Community-based support only Community-based support only Installation, configuration, and production support with SLAs
Technical support coverage

9 x 5 email and phone
(extended hours available for an additional fee)
Bug fixes Yes, per release cycle Yes, per release cycle Priority bug fixes
Integration and customization No No Available through Professional Services
Trial available Free Micro Cloud Free Cluster Request Trial or Supported POC

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