Stackato & Cloud Foundry

The Platform for the Agile Enterprise

Based on Open Source, Built for Enterprise

Stackato is a secure, stable and commercially supported enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that is built with and on top of various open source packages including Cloud Foundry and Docker. ActiveState is proud to be a Cloud Foundry partner, Community Lead for Python, a member of the Cloud Foundry Community Advisory Board (CAB), and a founding gold member and board member of the Cloud Foundry foundation.

The Leading Independent Cloud Foundry Based PaaS

Stackato shares the same architecture as Cloud Foundry, but some components have been modified and extended to suit the specific needs of our enterprise customers and OEM partners. Stackato is the easiest way to get started with Cloud Foundry.

Out-of-the box, Stackato just works.

"By implementing Stackato for our Cloud Foundry deployments, the team is able to focus on other critical infrastructure and application development priorities. Stackato has proven to be stable and the support we’ve received from the ActiveState team has been terrific."

Why Stackato?

View some of the enterprise benefits of Stackato listed in the table below:

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World-Class Development Team

Trusted by more than two million developers and 97% of Fortune-1000 companies, ActiveState's products are built and supported by leaders in their field with decades of experience.

Meet our Team Leads
Standard or Premium (24x7) commercial support

Our expert staff will troubleshoot issues, provide guidance and upgrade assistance, and much more.

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Professional Services

We understand the needs of enterprises migrating to the cloud. Our technical experts provide everything from basic consultation to custom development services.

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Customizable Stackato training for IT staff and developers

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Partner Network

Technology, integration, services, and reseller partners.

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Built-In Hypervisor/IaaS Support

Stackato supports your cloud of choice, including vSphere, Amazon EC2, HP Cloud Services, OpenStack, CloudStack, Eucalyptus, and more plus KVM and XenServer hypervisors.

Self-Contained Virtual Appliance

Ease of use and deployment with self-contained virtual appliance. The Stackato micro cloud requires no set up and is also a stem cell for multi-hundred node configurations. (Administrators can customize the appliance to suit their needs.)

Easy Administration

No matter how many development groups, clusters or application dependencies are in action, Stackato's web management console provides a visual interface to manage them all in one place.

Innovative Features

Stackato provides powerful and intuitive features such as:

  • Web management console
  • Logyard (complete log management)
  • Oracle DB connector
  • Harbor Port Service
  • Persistent File System
  • WebSocket & SPDY support
  • Themeable UI
  • Dashboard

Stackato's comprehensive, versioned, documentation helps get you up and running quickly and troubleshoot nearly any issue.

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Get started in minutes with the free Stackato micro cloud:

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What is Cloud Foundry and the Community Advisory Board?

Cloud Foundry is the open source PaaS technology supported by a large community. In order to advance the technology, the Community Advisory Board (CAB) was established to support Cloud Foundry in its second iteration (Cloud Foundry v2). The mandate of the group is "to foster a healthy, vibrant, collaborative and innovative community and ecosystem around the Cloud Foundry platform and open source project." In addition to ActiveState, the CAB consists of other companies such as Canonical, CenturyLink, CloudCredo, IBM, Intel, Pivotal, and Stark & Wayne.

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