Get Started with Stackato:
Download the Micro Cloud and Build Your Own Stackato Cluster

You can build your own Stackato Cluster using up to 20GB of RAM for free and run it on your own infrastructure or public cloud. Just download and install the Stackato VM (see table below) and then sign up for your license key to get started.

1. Download the Micro Cloud

The Micro Cloud is a stand-alone instance of the Stackato system running in a single VM up to 4GB of RAM. This lets you push your apps to an environment that is functionally identical to a full Stackato PaaS cluster. Get your code working on the Micro Cloud and rest assured that it will work in production.

Download the Stackato VM for the hypervisor you use:


2. Sign Up for Your Stackato Cluster (20GB) License Key

Click here to sign up for the cluster license key (you will be forwarded to the ActiveState Community site). The cluster is free to use in production or for internal testing.


More Instructions & Resources

If you require more than a 20GB cluster or you're looking for enterprise support, register for a supported POC or contact an ActiveState Representative for more information about Stackato Enterprise.