Activity Stream

The Platform for the Agile Enterprise

Improved Collaboration Between Dev and IT

Better coordination between Developers and IT Operations is an important step in implementing a DevOps culture in your organization. To help enable this cultural shift, Stackato's Activity Stream functionality helps these two groups collaborate more efficiently throughout the application lifecycle.

How it Works

Activity StreamThe Activity Stream provides a real-time view for enterprise cloud management, allowing stakeholders to see a unified information stream across multiple applications. You can now track application deployments, updates and issues in real-time and start a dialog based on any event. The events displayed on the stream may be items such as recent deployments, instance scaling, application management (such as starting or stopping your application), and any discussions that the developers add to the stream.

In addition to viewing an information stream for all application events within your organization, you can also drill down and see the activity stream for just one application. Activity Stream helps improve communication between Developers and Operations because the constant messaging between the groups provides up-to-the-minute information.

If you would like to learn more about Stackato and the Activity Stream functionality, contact a representative to request a customized demonstration or start a free trial of Stackato.