Application Autoscaling

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A Better User Experience with Application Autoscaling

Stackato automatically scales applications to meet demand without having to write additional scripts or use third-party services. Application autoscaling lets you scale up and down with ease. Now you can provide a better user experience by automatically increasing the application's availability during peak usage periods. For those times when applications aren't being used as heavily, application autoscaling will help you ensure a more efficient use of your IT resources by scaling down the number of application instances.

How it Works

Setting up autoscaling is very simple in Stackato. When you turn on the autoscaling functionality for your application, you simply set the CPU threshold levels, and then the minimum and maximum number of instances of the application that you want. Stackato will then ensure the number of instances remain within this range when scaling your application up and down.

Application Autoscaling

Stackato hosts applications inside containers. For each container a certain percentage of CPU cycles are allocated to them depending on how many others are running on the virtual machine. If an application is using more than the maximum CPU threshold, Stackato will respond by creating a new container (on the least used VM) and then balance the CPU load among all of the containers hosting the application. This will continue until the load falls below the upper threshold that you set or when the maximum number of instances are reached.

You can also shift resources and reduce the number of instances of the application if your application is being seldom used. If the application requires a CPU load below the minimum threshold, Stackato will automatically reduce the number of instances until the load reaches the minimum that was set or until the minimum number of instances has been reached.

Although the Stackato Health Manager is monitoring CPU loads every 10 seconds, it will only trigger scaling events once per minute. Administrators of Stackato can adjust these settings as well as the overall application autoscaling behavior in the system.

With Stackato your application can be scaled up or down automatically, providing you with true elastic scaling. If you would like to learn more about Stackato and its application autoscaling functionality, please contact a representative to request a customized demonstration or start your free trial of Stackato.