Single Sign-On

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Federated Identity Management Across Your Applications

Stackato's Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality allows you to leverage your existing centralized credential management system, significantly streamlining the process of setting up SSO for applications across your organization. Now you have a simple way to enforce your organization's security specifications by requiring users to be authenticated before accessing applications, even on a publicly accessible network not protected by VPN.

How it Works

You can save a significant amount of time by using the SSO functionality in Stackato instead of creating an individual sign on system within your application. Implementing it is very simple--users only need to select the option for SSO from the web console and click save. In order to give you the flexibility and control you need, the SSO functionality in Stackato will not automatically apply to all of your applications. Depending on what applications you have and who is using it (whether the user is internal or external), SSO can be applied to it.

Now when a user visits the deployed application, they will be prompted to login using their Stackato credentials. When they do, they will gain access to the application and the application will receive the credentials through HTTP headers when a request is sent to it.

LDAP Integration
Stackato can be integrated with LDAP and Active Directory. The LDAP integration provides a way to seamlessly authenticate users with Stackato using your existing LDAP database. This means that if you are using LDAP with Stackato, your deployed applications are also authenticated against your existing LDAP database.

Making it Easier for Developers

In addition, the SSO functionality saves time when dealing with multiple languages. Applications could be written in a variety of different languages (Node.js, Ruby, Java, etc.) and each framework may have a different way to implement SSO. Since Stackato can manage the SSO aspect, the developer does not need to think about this integration.

If you would like to learn more about Stackato and how its SSO functionality works, contact a representative to request a customized demonstration or start your free trial.