Stackato is the application platform for creating your own private, secure, and flexible enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Stackato helps you streamline the development process and deploy your apps faster. To get started with Stackato, you can download a free micro cloud, request a demonstration or begin your POC

FREE Micro Cloud

You can download a fully functional Stackato VM to run on your own hypervisor. Free to use as a single-node Micro Cloud addressing up to 4GB of RAM in your choice of VM format.

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Other Ways to Access Stackato ▸

Request a Demonstration

Not quite ready to download the micro cloud, but would like to see what Stackato can do? Arrange for a live demonstration with one of our Cloud Solution Architects.

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Start a Proof-of-Concept

If you need to run Stackato in an autoscaling cluster or in a production environment that requires more than 4GB memory, sign up for POC to perform a comprehensive evaluation.

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