Stackato is the application platform for creating your own private, secure, and flexible enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Stackato helps you streamline the development process so you can deploy your apps faster. To get started with Stackato, you can download the free micro cloud, sign up for the 20GB Stackato Cluster or begin your POC

FREE Micro Cloud

You can download a fully functional Stackato VM to run on your own hypervisor. Free to use as a single-node Micro Cloud addressing up to 4GB of RAM in your choice of VM format.

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Other Ways to Access Stackato ▸

FREE Stackato Cluster (20GB)

If you need more memory than the Micro Cloud offers, sign up for the Stackato Cluster. With up to 20GB of RAM available, you can build your own cluster and start deploying your applications with Stackato. Free to use for internal testing or in production.

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Start a Proof-of-Concept

If you need to run Stackato in an autoscaling cluster, in a production environment that requires more than 20GB of memory, or you prefer live technical support, sign up for a supported POC.

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