A private PaaS enables enterprise developers to leverage all the benefits of a public PaaS to deploy, manage, and monitor applications, while meeting the security and privacy requirements your enterprise demands. See why a private PaaS like Stackato makes sense for your IT and development needs, and ensures security of your sensitive data.

Security of Data

A private PaaS complies with your corporate IT security requirements. Breaches of public websites and SaaS applications are regularly reported in the media, and the resulting financial and reputational damages for organizations can be extremely serious. A private PaaS is exclusive to your enterprise, hosted on your private cloud, behind your firewall. Achieve tighter security with a private PaaS.

Privacy and Control Over Data

A private PaaS enables you to control where your data is stored. Organizations that collect personally identifiable information about their customers are obligated, and in some cases legally required, to keep that information private (e.g. healthcare or financial records). A private PaaS keeps this sensitive information within your organization to those who require access to it, while also enabling you to control where that data is physically stored to achieve better compliance and avoid any jurisdictional concerns in the US, Europe or elsewhere.

Control for Corporate IT

A private PaaS enables IT to control the use of a PaaS for developers, while giving them the self-service capabilities and choices within a PaaS that they demand. Hosting your own PaaS behind your firewall empowers developers with what they need to do their jobs faster, while enabling IT to have the visibility and control over IT resources and infrastructure. Achieve more efficient use of assets, ease of deployment for new and existing applications, and no vendor lock-in with Stackato for your private PaaS.

Customize to Your Requirements

While most public PaaS services take a one-size-fits-all approach, your enterprise applications are much more complex. A private PaaS enables you to integrate it within your existing IT infrastructure such as databases, web servers, and authentication systems, and customize it to support all the languages your developers need.

Get started with Stackato today. You can try Stackato for free by downloading the Micro Cloud and signing up for the 20GB Cluster License, using Stackato with your own Amazon EC2 or HP Cloud Services account or getting access to the Stackato sandbox. For more information, contact a representative.