If your organization builds business-critical applications, your developers are your best investment. Keeping programming skills up-to-date is essential for launching applications on time, staying on budget and making sure your applications are reliable.

That’s why we offer ActiveState training programs for Python, Perl, and Tcl. Our customized, on-site training helps dev teams grow their knowledge and stay consistent with best practices.

No matter what your team’s skill level or project requirement is, our customized programs help you:

  • Improve development productivity
  • Ensure consistency and reliability
  • Speed up time to market
  • Grow your expertise for future projects

One of the main teaching goals of our programs is efficiency. Regardless of your application type, your team will gain the knowledge to work more efficiently, and thus produce code that is more efficient.

Our Expertise

If you are looking for world class training, you will find it with us. Our team of Python, Perl and Tcl engineers and trainers are recognized as the best in the world and leaders in the development communities.

Our course instructors each have over 25 years of programming experience. Credentials include founding membership of user associations, published authorship of essential programming books and dozens of years of course design and teaching.

Program Details

Our programs are flexible depending on your specific needs and group size. Typical training programs:

  • Run 2-4 days, depending on program intensity
  • Are delivered on-site at your place of business
  • Range from beginner to advanced levels
  • Combine lectures and hands-on exercises
  • Provide ActiveState developer tools, language distributions and package managers for use during sessions

Depending on skill level, topics may include:

  • Basic syntax and simple program writing
  • Working with classes, objects, modules and libraries
  • Large data processing and structures
  • Configuration, logging, testing and debugging
  • Advanced features for Perl, Python and Tcl
  • Specialized topics, such as CGI scripting, databases, web and network programming


The cost of each training program is based on content and group size.

For more information on training or to request a quote regarding your training needs, please fill out our form.