@pythondj I should have joined you on the train for some pair blogging! See you at the booth. — 3 years 6 weeks ago
D'oh! Would be good to post the link. @SaraRobinson on the death of noblesse oblige in the USA http://t.co/XJiNg3n9 #failedpunksongnames — 3 years 7 weeks ago
RT @ananelson: RT @Shoq: I've waited years for someone to summarize this story as @SaraRobinson has. All you have to do is read it:... — 3 years 7 weeks ago
Matt Taibbi on the latest (and biggest) financial market scam http://t.co/QIBCFMud3 years 8 weeks ago
@canuckistani look at those seat projections! I think the fairest comparison would be Ujal Dosanj though. — 3 years 10 weeks ago
What it would look like if I swung you around by the arms in Times Square http://t.co/9581jV4a3 years 11 weeks ago
Someone's running a Belkin router on the wired network here at #cloudexpo - better shut it down before find you. >:( — 3 years 11 weeks ago
@geekphilosophy versioning issues - those notes are clearly for Dad 1.1 or older. Baby docs get crufty fast. — 3 years 11 weeks ago
Platform-as-a-Service vs. Configuration Management http://t.co/M5fa7LLR #paas #chef #puppet @zeeg @rdegges3 years 11 weeks ago
@jenzed not sure we can notarize a tweet, so you might want to put that in your will. #catcopter #jencopter — 3 years 12 weeks ago