Phil Whelan, Technology Evangelist
Troy Topnik, Technical Communications Manager

Duration: 60 minutes

Although most companies have only partially virtualized their data centers, CIOs and IT Directors recognize that the cloud is the future of IT. As web and mobile applications become a requirement of doing business, IT organizations know that they will be the ones tasked with moving their business forward. So what steps do they need to take in order to get to their organizations "to the cloud"?

The larger the company, the more challenges IT organizations will face as they go down this path. There are a number of variables that need to be considered: What are the benefits of moving my infrastructure to a more agile IaaS platform, such as OpenStack? What other architecture layers, such as PaaS, should I be considering? What are the pros and cons of using public infrastructure, such as Amazon EC2. Can I run everything behind my firewall? Is a hybrid private-plus-public infrastructure a viable option? Do we need to adopt a DevOps approach before we proceed?

Join Phil Whelan, Technology Evangelist, and Troy Topnik, Technical Communications Manager, as they walk through 10 steps IT organizations can take when adopting cloud technologies. From starting small, and gaining expertise, to rolling out IaaS, PaaS and continuous integration. In this webinar they will take a look at:

  • Starting off in the right direction
  • Automating the configuration
  • Continuous Integration (CI) tools
  • Where IaaS and PaaS fit in–Are you ready to build your cloud stack?
  • Implementing a DevOps culture

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