John Wetherill, Developer Evangelist, ActiveState 
Ho Ming Li, Cloud Engineer, ActiveState

Duration: 50 minutes

Didn't get enough of our original scaling webinar? Were you hoping for more advanced information about the various aspects of scaling?

We agree! Now that you understand basic scaling, we thought we'd take it up a notch and demonstrate some advanced scaling techniques with PaaS. Learn about the sophisticated ways in which you can scale and extract more power from your cloud!

In this webinar, John Wetherill and Ho Ming Li will uncover the real story behind auto-scaling and Stackato and demonstrate the different ways that users can manually and automatically scale. They will also cover:

  • Use of Loggly to scale
  • New Relic monitoring
  • Load balancing
  • Developer tools and techniques for predicting and measuring scaling effectiveness
  • Architecture styles and coding practices that maximize cloud scaling efforts
  • Scaling and auto-scaling on OpenStack

John and Ho Ming will discuss and demonstrate the various ways that scaling can work for you and your enterprise. Learn how scalability is the key to making your infrastructure work for you and achieving the promise of the cloud.

Watch the webinar:

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