John Wetherill, Developer Evangelist, ActiveState 
Ho Ming Li, Cloud Engineer, ActiveState

Duration: 50 minutes

Don't you wish you could do more than one thing at a time? The same goes for your cloud. What's the use of all this great raw computing power if your applications can't adapt to load requirements as demand fluctuates? Now, with Platform-as-a-Service, elastic scalability is not only possible in the cloud, but practical and necessary as well.

In this webinar, John Wetherill and Ho Ming Li will address some of the challenges involved in scaling applications today and show how Stackato Private PaaS alleviates many of these issues. They will also cover:

  • Auto-scaling vs. manual scaling (semi-auto)
  • Scaling up or down
  • Costs of scaling
  • Resource planning
  • Monitoring and metrics
  • Designing to scale 

Learn how scalability is the key to making your infrastructure work for you and achieving the promise of the cloud.

Watch the webinar:

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