Millions of developers around the world use Tcl for rapid prototyping, scripted applications, GUIs, and testing. It’s everywhere around us - from routers, to network management tools to semiconductors. Yet Tcl remains one of the most unheralded and quietest languages in programming. But our intelligence tells us this is changing.
ActiveState is in a unique position in the Perl world, as both the creator of the first ever Perl for Windows distribution, and as the leading supplier of Enterprise Perl solutions. While the rest of the world sees Perl as a legacy language, and may even go so far as to claim "Perl is dying", our Perl business is vibrant, alive, and growing.
Our continued reliance on mobile devices and the resulting proliferation of mobile apps has led to increased demand in tools that aid in mobile and...
Komodo Overview Webinar
As always, Komodo has been the ideal team development environment for any industry, team size, platform, or language. Now Komodo IDE is back, and better than ever - feature packed to help you get the most out of your development time. This webinar will include a high-level overview of Komodo IDE.
Benefits & Challenges of Open Source
The adoption of open source, by enterprises, has continued to accelerate in recent years. According to BlackRock’s recent survey, over three-quarters of all enterprises run on some form of open source software. Watch now and learn how your enterprise can be more competitive, agile, and innovative with open source languages!
ActiveState Webinars: Improving Customer Experience Using ActivePerl and ActivePython
Perl and Python can be found in any number of places - on websites, in downloadable apps, in systems back-ends, on the cloud, and within enterprise...
ActiveState Webinars: How to Leverage the Power of Python for Processing Big Data
The Python programming language is easy to learn and offers powerful features for working with large data sets that can greatly improve engineer and...
ActiveState Webinars: Python - The Programmer's Lingua Franca
There are thousands of programming languages, but even if your organization works in one of the more popular languages, it's likely you will...
Webinar featuring Robert Blasi , patent attorney with Goodwin Procter and Bart Copeland , President and CEO of ActiveState, discussing of current open source developments and the future of commercial products.