Troy Topnik, Technical Communications Manager
Ho MIng Li, Cloud Solution Architect

Duration: 30 minutes

Private PaaS is supposed to accelerate the development and deployment workflows in enterprises, but that can't happen until the PaaS is set up. Stackato takes the novel approach of using pre-built VM images and simple configuration commands to make setup painless. 

This half-hour webinar will show you how to set up your own PaaS cluster and get it ready for the end users.

In this webinar Troy Topnik, Technical Communications Manager, and Ho Ming Li, Cloud Solution Architect will provide an overview and a live demonstration that includes:

  • An overview of Stackato's role-based architecture
  • Turning a "micro cloud" into a cluster core node
  • Attaching nodes and enabling roles
  • Outlining security groups and port configuration
  • Ensuring fault tolerance and redundant components

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