Ho Ming Li, Cloud Engineer, ActiveState

John Wetherill, Developer Evangelist, ActiveState


Duration:   60 minutes  


Continuous integration, delivery and deployment may have slightly different meanings, but the underlying goal is to deploy frequent, smaller iterations of the application. However, according to Forrester Research, less than one-third of respondents reported that their development team uses continuous integration processes on a daily basis.


While it can be a struggle to achieve continuous delivery due to corporate culture or general workflow issues between Dev and IT Operations, there are some specific tools available to help make it a reality.  With continuous delivery organizations gain a competitive edge since they can make changes to their application faster and better meet the needs of their end users.


Join Ho Ming Li, Cloud Engineer and John Wetherill, Developer Evangelist for a live 45 minute presentation on continuous delivery using Jenkins, an open-source continuous integration server, and Stackato, a private PaaS by ActiveState.


In this webinar we will discuss and demonstrate:

  • What is continuous integration, delivery and deployment?
  • Why is it necessary?
  • What are some continuous integration tools available?
  • How to use Jenkins for scheduled deployments
  • How Jenkins and Stackato can work together


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