Troy Topnik, Technical Communications Lead
Ho Ming Li, ActiveState Cloud Solution Architect
Despite significant investment in cloud hosting or private cloud infrastructure, enterprises are not seeing the expected returns on their investments. Server virtualization alone is not enough to streamline application deployment and get applications to market faster. 
To get more benefit out of their virtualization efforts, agile enterprises are now looking to private Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to enable rapid application development and deployment for their organizations. Enterprise IT keeps control of application hosting, scaling, and management, while developers benefit from the simple, fast, consistent self-service workflow enabled by PaaS. 
In this webinar, Ho Ming Li, ActiveState Cloud Solution Architect, and Troy Topnik, Technical Communications Lead, will discuss: 
  • What a PaaS is 
  • How it differs from other cloud orchestration software 
  • How quickly you can install Stackato 
  • Using the Micro Cloud and PaaS for a smoother development workflow 
  • Using the web console and CLI client to deploy, manage, and scale apps 
  • Turning the Stackato VM Micro Cloud into a full, production PaaS 

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