Phil Whelan, Technology Evangelist
Ho Ming Li, Cloud Solution Architect

Duration: 60 minutes

Containerization is the future of software deployment. Docker provides an elegant way to package the world into portable entities and provides a growing number of additional features. But Docker is a building block. When you reach a high scale and plan for distribution and redundancy, you start to see that more is needed.

How do you wire services together with applications? How does one container find another container that it depends on? How do you load-balance across containers? How do you get visibility into all your deployed containers? How do large organizations manage access controls across their deployment environment when they move to Docker?

All of this boils down to the need for orchestration. While small companies and startups might be able to get away with hard-wiring a few dozen containers together, an orchestration layer above Docker is essential for larger organizations.

In this webinar, Phil Whelan, Technology Evangelist, and Ho Ming Li, Cloud Solution Architect, will discuss:

  • Service discovery, such as etcd
  • How PaaS aims to solve the problem
  • How we have integrated Docker into our PaaS solution, Stackato

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