Troy Topnik, Technical Communications Lead, ActiveState 
Ho Ming Li, Cloud Engineer, ActiveState

Duration: 50 minutes

Devs, how long do you wait for your application changes to be deployed? IT, how difficult is it to configure and set up exactly what your developers need? What if there was a way to eliminate the guesswork and efficiently meet everyone's needs, while still maintaining control and governance?

There is with Stackato Private Platform-as-a-Service.

Private PaaS empowers your IT and DevOps teams and streamlines the application development and deployment processes. Enterprise IT enjoys rapid application deployment, scalable administration, and greater control while developers can code in the language that’s right for them.

In this hands on workshop, ActiveState Cloud Engineer Ho Ming Li and Technical Communications Lead Troy Topnik will cover:

  • Installing and managing a micro cloud on a local machine (Windows/Mac)
  • Using the web console and CLI client
  • Installing applications
  • Turning the Stackato VM Micro Cloud into a full, production PaaS
  • Using the Micro Cloud and PaaS for a smoother development workflow

Watch the webinar:

Get your free trial of Stackato  by downloading the micro cloud, using Stackato with your own Amazon EC2 or HP Cloud Services account or getting access to the Stackato sandbox.