John Wetherill, Technology Evangelist
Ho Ming Li, Cloud Engineer

Duration: 60 minutes

Buildpacks are the primary method for deploying applications in Stackato. In essence a buildpack is a network-available directory containing a handful of

configuration scripts used to set up containers to provision cloud applications. Developed by Heroku, buildpacks are part of the Cloud Foundry v2 architecture. Understanding their use and power in a private PaaS is important in order give you the flexibility you need to deploy almost any application, regardless of its complexity, technology stack, or dependencies. Buildpacks help your users tremendously by setting up the exact environment according to their application needs.

In this webinar, Technology Evangelist, John Wetherill, and Cloud Engineer, Ho Ming Li, will discuss the power of buildpacks in more detail. You will learn:

  • What a buildpack is
  • The history/origins of buildpacks
  • Which sites and services support buildpacks today
  • Who uses buildpacks and why they are important
  • How buildpacks work
  • How custom buildpacks are used and created
  • Buildpack alternatives / alternate approaches
  • Buildpack limitations and gotchas
  • The future of buildpacks

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