Phil Whelan, Technology Evangelist
John Wetherill, Technology Evangelist

Duration: 60 minutes

With enterprise-ready functionality and commercial support, Stackato is a faster way to implement a Cloud Foundry based PaaS within your organization. The new release of Stackato 3.4 provides some significant changes that developers have been asking for: application rollback and versioning so they can quickly and safely test new features and new licensing for the Stackato Micro Cloud that allows smaller teams and start-ups to build their own Stackato Cluster.

Join ActiveState Technology Evangelists, Phil Whelan, and John Wetherill, as they demonstrate what's new in Stackato 3.4.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Application rollback and versioning
  • Upgrading from Stackato 3.2
  • Installing Admin buildpacks
  • Signing up for the new Stackato Cluster (20GB) license

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