Ho Ming Li, Cloud Engineer
John Wetherill, Technology Evangelist

Duration: 60 minutes

Companies are discovering that virtualization alone is not enough to fully realize the benefits of being on the cloud. By using a platform like Stackato to deploy and manage their web applications, organizations are streamlining the development process and accelerating their deployment time from weeks to minutes.

In this webinar, Ho Ming Li and John Wetherill will show you how Stackato v3.0:

  • Leverages open source technologies such as Cloud Foundry and Docker
  • Provides a real-time, social timeline, Activity Stream, that increases the communication between Developers and IT Operations staff
  • Uses the dashboard and web console to make it easier to manage and gain visibility into Stackato's performance
  • Utilizes the new Organizations and Spaces permission model developed in Cloud Foundry v2
  • Incorporates new buildpack support

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