We like to think of private PaaS as one of the dark horses of the cloud race. While public cloud services seem to get all of the attention, along with infrastructure buildout on the private side, our theory is that a good part of cloud is driven by developers: that raw, unabated need for companies to code and then run their own custom-written software to help run their businesses. ActiveState is running in that stable of dark horses, and recently released version 3.0 of Stackato, its private PaaS. The company also reported good revenue momentum, which is encouraging for the PaaS segment of cloud.

The 451 Take
ActiveState has done a commendable job bringing its Cloud Foundry-based PaaS , Stackato, to version 3.0. The company has positioned Stackato as running on any cloud and supporting any development language, allowing it to sell to the broad market. The private PaaS space is still in the early stages, competing against not only public PaaS, but alternative methods of managing the application lifecycle from development through to production. We think that ActiveState has a fighting chance due to choosing Cloud Foundry and its early entrance into this market....

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