A White Paper by ActiveState and Cloud Technology Partners

Like any IT project, the success of a Private PaaS implementation requires a combination of the right people, processes, and technologies. This paper outlines some best practices in these areas based on successful implementations with clients.

Key Factors to Consider for a Successful Enterprise-Wide Private PaaS

The movement towards private PaaS can span organizational, process, and technical layers. Companies should consider the following steps to ensure a successful transition to private PaaS:

  • Establish a program strategy that provides a strategic vision and guiding principles for the corporate initiative along with program management resourcing, tracking, and oversight.
  • Develop clear business objectives and use those to guide and influence corporate behavior as part of the program strategy.
  • Assess your application portfolio and map out your application transformation roadmap. This becomes the differentiator that helps companies drive results and innovation.

Organizations are currently achieving success with their private PaaS implementations by following these best practices. Learn more in this free white paper.

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