Streamline the Application Development Process and Accelerate the Time to Market with a Private PaaS

Despite having made significant investment in their cloud infrastructure and now deploying applications to their private cloud, enterprises are not seeing the return expected from their investment. They are learning that virtualization alone is not sufficient to streamline the application development process that is necessary to get applications to market faster in order to meet the demands of customers and internal stakeholders.
Virtual machine (VM) instances can be easily created on demand. This speeds up the process of server allocation, but applications still require supporting software to be installed and configured on each server. Before virtualization, provisioning hardware was the bottleneck. With virtualization, configuration management is now the problem.
To maximize their investment in the cloud and streamline the process, enterprises are looking to a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) as a solution. A PaaS is a platform that allows developers to develop and deploy their applications without needing to configure the application-hosting environment. This removes the typical infrastructure set-up delays that can accompany the application development process. Companies can now deploy their applications faster, gaining a competitive edge and encouraging innovation in their development teams.
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