PyIMSL, IMSL Numerical Libraries: Mathematical and Statistical Functionality for Python Developers

ActivePython now includes PyIMSL wrappers for easy access to Rogue Wave Software’s IMSL Numerical Libraries!

About Rogue Wave Software's IMSL Numerical Libraries

The libraries are a comprehensive set of mathematical and statistical functions that you can embed into your software applications. These libraries will save development time by providing pre-written mathematical and statistical algorithms that can be embedded into Python applications, enhancing return on investment and programmer productivity. These embeddable mathematical and statistical algorithms are used in a broad range of applications -- including programs that help airplanes fly, predict the weather, enable innovative study of the human genome, predict stock market behavior and provide risk management and portfolio optimization. The IMSL Libraries enable improve user productivity and enhance cost-effectiveness providing a significant return on investment by saving up to 95% of the time and cost of developing numerical algorithms.

Easily develop from prototype to production, as well as:

  • Accelerate development time with pre-built mathematical and statistical libraries
  • Improve quality of code with stable and tested binaries
  • Trust best-of-breed mathematical and statistical components

Access to Numpy, Scipy and Matplotlib

With ActivePython Community Edition, you also have access to the Python financial and scientific modules NumPy, SciPy and matplotlib.

Prototype to Production with 100% Consistency

By using PyIMSL with ActivePython, you can ensure that the libraries used in your prototype are mirrored in your production environments. Start with ActivePython Community Edition for prototyping and development, then deploy with confidence using ActivePython Business or Enterprise Edition.

Multi-platform support across Windows, Mac, Linux

With ActivePython, you will enjoy stable and tested binaries, as well as Python 2.6 and 2.7 support

Get started by downloading ActivePython and learn more about Rogue Wave Software's IMSL Libraries.

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