5 Reasons I’m Thankful for Tcl20101124192049

5 Reasons I’m Thankful for Tcl

Andreas KupriesLast Updated: July 10, 2019GUI
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share some of the reasons why I and other Tclers use Tcl as our scripting language of choice. Here&...
Deploying Tcl Applications with Starpacks20100902172524

Deploying Tcl Applications with Starpacks

Andreas KupriesLast Updated: July 12, 2019activetcl, deploying tcl, starpacks
Finally your software is complete! Ready to leave the nest of your development environment, spread its wings, fly into the wide world of unpredictable...
Google Summer of Code: Tcl-style20100830165030

Google Summer of Code: Tcl-style

Andreas KupriesLast Updated: July 15, 2019google summer of code, google tcl
Now that this year’s Google Summer of Code has ended, it’s time for Matthew and me as admins for the Tcl Association to summarize things. ...
Concurrency in Tcl: Talking Heads20100603221730

Concurrency in Tcl: Talking Heads

Andreas KupriesLast Updated: August 21, 2019channels, concurrency, pipes, sockets
This is the third and last article in the “Concurrency in Tcl” series. The previous postings introduced event handling and threading as po...
Concurreny in Tcl: Weaving Threads20100510070000

Concurreny in Tcl: Weaving Threads

Andreas KupriesLast Updated: August 21, 2019concurrency, parallel processing
Introduction In the previous article we talked about pseudo-concurrency through events and mentioned threads as one possible solution to some of their...
My favorite Tcl package20100426171852

My favorite Tcl package

Andreas KupriesLast Updated: June 7, 2019
Well, originally I wanted to write down a list of my favorite of Tcl packages and then post about that. But after I wrote them down, I found that this...
Where Is Tcl Hiding?20100215223114

Where Is Tcl Hiding?

Andreas KupriesLast Updated: June 7, 2019
In basements, gadgets, and embedded in a multitude of applications, where it is silently humming along, working for many people without them being awa...