Making Coding more Accessible to Non-Devs20190124143643

Making Coding more Accessible to Non-Devs

Carey HoffmanJanuary 24, 2019developers, programming, scripting languages
Taught vs Self Taught When I was just starting out in software, I found that many of my peers often dismissed education as unnecessary saying, “just g...
Top 3 Features I’m Excited About with Komodo 11!20171213150000

Top 3 Features I’m Excited About with Komodo 11!

Carey HoffmanDecember 13, 2017K11, komodo, komodo 11, live preview, Project Wizard
We’re heading towards the end of year and I’m reflecting on what I’ve accomplished in 2017. A big part of my 2017 effort was on the recent release of ...
Customizing Komodo with the UI SDK20171108140251

Customizing Komodo with the UI SDK

Carey HoffmanNovember 8, 2017ide, komodo, komodo ide. komodo 11, sdk, software development kid
For the past ~3 years, we here on the Komodo Dev team have been gradually creating a new SDK for customizing and developing Komodo. As part of this pr...
Customize and Extend Komodo with Userscripts (Slack Edition)20170627161500

Customize and Extend Komodo with Userscripts (Slack Edition)

Carey HoffmanJune 27, 2017komodo, komodo ide, slack, slack userscript
Morning (or afternoon) all. Not too long ago I wrote an uncharacteristically long blog post about the Slack integration I had written for the Komodo 1...
Slacking Off With Komodo20170223150000

Slacking Off With Komodo

Carey HoffmanFebruary 23, 2017komodo,, share, slack
As a relatively new developer, and a complete lightweight when compared to the rest of the Komodo development team, I find myself sharing snippets, er...
Live Remote File Editing: Komodo IDE + FTP20161110170000

Live Remote File Editing: Komodo IDE + FTP

Carey HoffmanNovember 10, 2016ftp, ftps, komodo, remote files, scp, sftp
Having “grown up” on Komodo IDE, I’m surprised by people who are themselves surprised that Komodo supports remote file editing and I...
Komodo 10.1 Webinar – Q&A20160928000000

Komodo 10.1 Webinar – Q&A

Carey HoffmanSeptember 28, 2016komodo, komodo 10.1
On September 8th, Nathan and myself (Carey) did a webinar on Komodo 10.1. We wanted to show off the new tutorial tool and the other great features we’...
Carey in Cascadia(Fest)20160915000000

Carey in Cascadia(Fest)

Carey HoffmanSeptember 15, 2016cascadia, cascadiafest, nodejs
As none of you may know, I had the privilege of attending the CascadiaFest 2016 conference this year, the gathering of people working in software from...
Version Control Widget20160817000000

Version Control Widget

Carey HoffmanAugust 17, 2016komodo
In Komodo’s bottom pane there is a widget call Version Control. This tool is context driven and tries to include the most commonly used version ...
HotKey Conundrum20160812000000

HotKey Conundrum

Carey HoffmanAugust 12, 2016hotkey, komodo
As you may know by now (or maybe you don’t, which is ok since I’m going to follow up by stating the fact anyway…), Komodo has been i...