Go to Any Symbol With Komodo’s New Symbol Browser20160729000000

Go to Any Symbol With Komodo’s New Symbol Browser

As an IDE, one of the features that Komodo must have and must do well (IMO) is code intelligence. It MUST help you understand the code you’re wo...
Filling the Gap with Commandline Integration – PhoneGap, Cordova, Grunt, Gulp20160722000000

Filling the Gap with Commandline Integration – PhoneGap, Cordova, Grunt, Gulp

Carey HoffmanJuly 22, 2016, , , , , ,
Something that has always been part of the Komodo design philosophy has been integration. Though Komodo should provide tooling to make our users more ...
First Start Wizard20160715000000

First Start Wizard

Carey HoffmanJuly 15, 2016,
If you’ve never run Komodo before or if this is the first time you’re running a major version (eg. you were using Komodo 9.3 and have just...
Komodo Extreme Makeover20160707000000

Komodo Extreme Makeover

Carey HoffmanJuly 7, 2016,
If you installed Komodo X recently and you were not one of the users who participated in the Beta release phase then when you opened Komodo you might ...
Komodo X Webinar: Questions and Answers20160610000000

Komodo X Webinar: Questions and Answers

On June 6, 2016 at 10 am PDT, NathanR and myself (CareyH) introduced Komodo X to the world (just under 100 people…) in a live webcast. Our goal was to...
Top 11 Tips and Tricks for Komodo X20160608000000

Top 11 Tips and Tricks for Komodo X

I would like to start this post by thanking those of you who have mild to severe OCD and yet still clicked our provocative title. I realized while wri...
Komodo Toolbox20160408000000

Komodo Toolbox

Carey HoffmanApril 8, 2016,
The Komodo toolbox is where you can store all of your custom tools such as code snippets and abbreviations, userscripts, commands, etc. The fresh Komo...


Carey HoffmanApril 6, 2016,
Komodo Go to Definition is a helpful tool to quickly see the definition of any construct in your code. Whether it’s a function, a variable, a cl...
Configuring Komodo20160401000000

Configuring Komodo

Carey HoffmanApril 1, 2016,
Komodo has been written with the concept of “make the best guess then allow custom changes”. For 90% of Komodo features, you should simply...
Smart Snippets20160330000000

Smart Snippets

Carey HoffmanMarch 30, 2016,
Komodo snippets and abbreviations are nothing new to code editing (they’ve been in Komodo almost since the beginning 15 years ago). But somethin...