Komodo Quick Bookmarks20160311000000

Komodo Quick Bookmarks

Carey HoffmanMarch 11, 2016,
Komodo’s quick bookmarks are a logical extension of the existing bookmarks. They were implemented, once again, with our users’ speed and c...
Komodo File Management20160309000000

Komodo File Management

Carey HoffmanMarch 9, 2016,
Komodo, as it should, provides robust tools to work with your project’s files. The first is Komodo’s Places pane. Places allows you to eas...
Track Changes: For Programmers Who Sometimes Make Mistakes20160304000000

Track Changes: For Programmers Who Sometimes Make Mistakes

Carey HoffmanMarch 4, 2016
As you may well be aware, I am an excellent programmer. What you may not be aware of is that I SOMETIMES make mistakes. When one of these most uncommo...
Code Intelligence in Komodo20160302000000

Code Intelligence in Komodo

Carey HoffmanMarch 2, 2016, ,
All of our main languages like, Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Javascript, NodeJS, Go, Tcl and HTML, among others have code intelligence support. Not only d...
Komodo’s Commando Tool20160224000000

Komodo’s Commando Tool

Carey HoffmanFebruary 24, 2016,
Komodo’s Commando tool is a workhorse in Komodo. Through the Commando window you can access all of Komodo’s internal commands, all toolbox...
Komodo Packages20160219000000

Komodo Packages

Carey HoffmanFebruary 19, 2016, , ,
In Komodo we have a concept of [Packages](http://komodoide.com/packages/). A package is any external item that can be added to Komodo. This could be a...
Debugging with Komodo IDE20160211000000

Debugging with Komodo IDE

Carey HoffmanFebruary 11, 2016, ,
[Komodo supports debugging](http://docs.komodoide.com/Manual/debugger) (*IDE ONLY*) for all of its major dynamic languages including Python, PHP, Go, ...
Komodo UI/UX & Customization20160202000000

Komodo UI/UX & Customization

Carey HoffmanFebruary 2, 2016,
Back in November, with the help of our talented marketing team, Nathan and I hosted a webinar to show our new/potential/existing users the major featu...
Komodo Quick Bookmarks20151209000000

Komodo Quick Bookmarks

Carey HoffmanDecember 9, 2015, , ,
A feature that you may or may not be aware of in Komodo is the [Quick Bookmarks tool](http://docs.komodoide.com/Manual/editor#editing_navigating-withi...
Komodo Webinar Questions20151125000000

Komodo Webinar Questions

Carey HoffmanNovember 25, 2015, , , , , , ,
Some of you might have heard that Nathan and I took time out of our dev schedules to do an *Intro to Komodo* webinar on the 19th of November, 2015. Wh...