Tracking Editor Changes in Komodo 920141222000000

Tracking Editor Changes in Komodo 9

Eric PromislowPublished: December 22, 2014Last Updated: June 7, 2019changes, editor, highlight, komodo, revert
A change-tracker has been a common item on the Komodo wish-list for about as long as there’s been a Komodo editor. I had seen this feature in ot...
strlen Considered Dangerous20131029163709

strlen Considered Dangerous

Eric PromislowPublished: October 29, 2013Last Updated: July 22, 2019bug, komodo, php
A user complained that when he loaded a particular PHP file into Komodo, the editor would become unresponsive, and there would be no code intelligence...
Saving Keystrokes with Macro-Like Snippets20121220003922

Saving Keystrokes with Macro-Like Snippets

Eric PromislowPublished: December 20, 2012Last Updated: October 27, 2020abbreviations, editing, komodo, macros, snippets
Snippets and macros have been a part of Komodo since the beginning. Snippets are for inserting frequently-used pieces of boilerplate text into documen...
Komodo Macro of the day: Inserting Image Tags20121120194318

Komodo Macro of the day: Inserting Image Tags

Eric PromislowPublished: November 20, 2012Last Updated: July 18, 2019api, javascript, komodo, macro
A Komodo customer recently asked for us to make adding image tags painless the way he was used to in his previous editor. Instead of typing some HTML ...
Diving Deep Into Komodo’s Syntax Checker20120223172451

Diving Deep Into Komodo’s Syntax Checker

Eric PromislowPublished: February 23, 2012Last Updated: October 27, 2020codeintel, komodo
The previous post on Komodo’s new syntax checker showed how it works out of the box. This post shows how to take more control of the system and ...
Syntax Checking Revisited in Komodo 720120209014126

Syntax Checking Revisited in Komodo 7

Eric PromislowPublished: February 9, 2012Last Updated: July 22, 2019css, javascript, komodo, linting, perl, python
Komodo has always been adept at working with multiple languages. When we realized that multi-language templating systems were becoming more common, we...
Komodo 7 Alpha 2: Improved Syntax Checking20110510214048

Komodo 7 Alpha 2: Improved Syntax Checking

Eric PromislowPublished: May 10, 2011Last Updated: July 17, 2019alpha, coffeescript, html, html5, javascript, komodo 7, parsers, perl, python
The plan for rolling out Komodo 7 is to bring on a wave of new functionality with each new alpha. This time the main difference is a revamp in th...
NetBeans Drops Python Support as Komodo Adds More20110331165616

NetBeans Drops Python Support as Komodo Adds More

Eric PromislowPublished: March 31, 2011Last Updated: July 19, 2019dynamic languages, komodo, komodo edit, komodo ide, netbeans, pylint, python
A couple of months the ago the NetBeans project announced that it was abandoning support for Ruby. This week word spread that they were dropping Pytho...
Welcome Back, Classic Projects20101221224951

Welcome Back, Classic Projects

Eric PromislowPublished: December 21, 2010Last Updated: July 24, 2019komodo, komodo ide 6
Last week we released a nightly build of Komodo that has restored much of the project functionality from version 5. Over the last few months, we’...
Komodo Abbreviations: Inserting Snippets by Name20101215200934

Komodo Abbreviations: Inserting Snippets by Name

Eric PromislowPublished: December 15, 2010Last Updated: July 18, 2019abbreviations, edit, editing, ide, komodo, php, ruby, snippets
Coding is fun, but typing is work. Komodo IDE provides several features that let you do less typing so you can have more fun.The most obvious keystrok...