Better local development with VMs20090510140528

Better local development with VMs

jeffgLast Updated: July 5, 2019
I just downloaded and installed Ubuntu Server 9.04 in a VM Image strictly for the purposes of setting up a simple local dev environment on my MacBook....
Komodo macros as pure magic code injection20090409021251

Komodo macros as pure magic code injection

jeffgLast Updated: November 5, 2018komodo, macros
Back when we released ( I think it was? ) Komodo 3.0, David Ascher spent a few weeks scratching his chin and writing some docs on the JavaScript and P...
Using PHP Beautifier with Komodo IDE20090327032117

Using PHP Beautifier with Komodo IDE

jeffgLast Updated: June 28, 2019komodo, komodo ide
Update: adjusted the PHP Beautifier instructions slightly as per @h Komodo IDE recently added a code formatting feature, including built-in formatters...
Komodo 5.1 is released!20090325022153

Komodo 5.1 is released!

jeffgLast Updated: July 15, 2019komodo
As posted here, we released Komodo 5.1 today: Komodo IDE 5.1 has been released! The latest iteration of ActiveState’s dynamic languages IDE feat...
Setting up Komodo Edit for Drupal development20090306102359

Setting up Komodo Edit for Drupal development

jeffgLast Updated: July 22, 2019komodo
Here at ActiveState HQ, it seems like I am doing more and more Drupal development. We’ve been using Drupal for a long time for various things, s...
SciMoz in Firefox 3 as an extension.20090226064015

SciMoz in Firefox 3 as an extension.

jeffgLast Updated: November 5, 2018firefox
I just noticed that ActiveState community site member nanomir posted a picture of SciMoz / Scintilla running in Firefox 3: nanmoir has been working on...
jQuery turns 3! Congrats the jQuery team.20090114214845

jQuery turns 3! Congrats the jQuery team.

jeffgLast Updated: November 5, 2018javascript
jQuery, that Swiss-army-knife of JavaScript libraries, turned 3 today: If you&#...
PHP 5.3, round 120081214165157

PHP 5.3, round 1

jeffgLast Updated: November 5, 2018php
PHP 5.3 has hit Alpha 3 now, so it was about time I got around to poking at the new features myself, instead of just glancing over and deleting huge f...
Komodo 5 released20081104154717

Komodo 5 released

jeffgLast Updated: July 15, 2019komodo
Today we released Komodo 5.0 after a whirl-wind 7 month dev cycle. A short list of highlights, some of which should be ff particular interest to peopl...
Let’s get cookin’20080713084604

Let’s get cookin’

jeffgLast Updated: July 4, 2019o'reilly
One of the cooler things ActiveState did very early on was create the Cookbooks section of our ASPN site. The formula was simple: users submitted, com...