ActivePerl 5.24.1 and 5.22.320170117210509

ActivePerl 5.24.1 and 5.22.3

Steve Hay, a member of the Perl 5 core team, mentions in the community release announcement that “Perl 5.24.1 represents approximately 8 months of dev...
ActivePython 3.5.2 and 2.7.1220170110180000

ActivePython 3.5.2 and 2.7.12

Today we announced the release of our new ActivePython distributions! The updates include releasing our 2.7.12 and 3.5.2 ActivePython builds as well a...
Go Big or Go Home: ActiveGo Beta Coming in February 201720161207190000

Go Big or Go Home: ActiveGo Beta Coming in February 2017

As a followup to yesterday’s announcement that we’ve selected Go as our first new distribution in 2017, I’d like to elaborate on why we chose to devel...
Grep is Losing Its Grip20161201180000

Grep is Losing Its Grip

Grep is the ubiquitous command line tool for finding lines in files that match a pattern. Originally invented by computer science luminary Ken Thompso...
ActiveState 2016 Open Source Survey20160929170000

ActiveState 2016 Open Source Survey

We had a tremendous response to our first open source survey and on behalf of ActiveState I’d like to thank the 867 people who gave their time and tho...
Getting Exposure for Your Open Source Project20160713170000

Getting Exposure for Your Open Source Project

Jeff RouseJuly 13, 2016, ,
With so many great open source projects spreading like wildfire, it is a great time to be a developer! I spend a considerable amount of time looking f...
Open Source: Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility20160531200000

Open Source: Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility

The recently completed Future of Open Source survey by North Bridge and Black Duck continues to highlight the incredible strength of open source softw...
Microsoft is Bourne Again20160331182342

Microsoft is Bourne Again

Jeff RouseMarch 31, 2016, ,
Satya Nadella and company in a brilliant stroke of insight have finally brought the power tools the Unix and Linux communities have relied on for deca...
Perl – The Secret Workhorse20160303170000

Perl – The Secret Workhorse

Jeff RouseMarch 3, 2016, ,
Something we’ve been aware of at ActiveState for a long time, but the industry at large doesn’t seem to know, is that Perl is the secret workhorse acr...