Deconstructing Open Source Language Licensing20161213183000

Deconstructing Open Source Language Licensing

Jennifer LawlerLast Updated: June 20, 2019activeperl, activepython, activetlc, BSD, copyleft, GPL, Jennifer, LGPL, licensing, open source, open source licensing, permissive licensing
With the majority of companies using open source, it’s important to understand the underlying licenses associated with the software and projects...
Embedded Applications vs Wrapped Applications20160907173000

Embedded Applications vs Wrapped Applications

Jennifer LawlerLast Updated: September 3, 2021activestate oem, applications, embedded applications, Jennifer Lawler, oem
Have you ever wondered what’s typically most important when it comes to application distribution? Is it app security, stability, license indemnificati...
Coming out of the Shadows: Getting Buy-in From Your IT Dept20160512161500

Coming out of the Shadows: Getting Buy-in From Your IT Dept

Jennifer LawlerLast Updated: July 11, 2019IT Dept, Jennifer Lawler, open source, shadow IT
Ahhh…the elusive “blessing” of the IT Department… desperately sought, rarely bestowed. In a previous blog my colleague, Michael, defined S...